Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Scenes from Japan - sketches

Here's a really loose sketch from when Lara and I went to Japan. I think I might try and do a series of quick, rough sketches since we took loads of photos of people and random stuff going on and I have plenty of material to work from.


  1. This is really nice, I'm looking forward to seeing the others in the series ^_^ Its a lovely idea

  2. Thanks Lauren! How's it going in Birmingham? Exciting times?

    I'll have more stuff to put up here soon.

  3. Ergh! Don't get me started on Japan...

    At least once a week I end up going through all of my pictures and reliving the memories of my holiday there. Such a great place with so much to see and take in, that I don't think you could go just once and be satisfied. I know I wasn't.

    Hoping to return later this year.

    Great sketch! I managed to snap a photo of a ninja rabbit on a guys shoulder in Akihabara (Don't ask!) Would love to see a sketch of that! :D

  4. Oh I totally agree. I took a billion photos of everything.

    I saw a picture of that rabbit i think on your blog! Just a small preview, not sure if you have the full photo up, but it looked really cool!