Thursday, 24 June 2010

Reply to "Street Fighter" comments!

Hello everyone, thanks very much for following my blog! Been quite busy in the past few days s o haven't had much time to reply to anyone or post anything. Since there are so many comments I figure it'll be easier to just answer stuff right here. So:

Fitst off, thanks for all the nice comments, I really appreciate it! :D

Q "Do you have a higher resolution Lady Gaga vs Ibuki?"

A I do, not much larger, but I'll post that up here soon.

Q "Who's Nigel and Dan??"

A Nigel Mansell was a British world champion F1 driver in like the 90s, and Dan Maher is "MrPointyHead", editor of Xbox Live for Europe. Sort of like Major Nelson in the USA or something? Either way, if you play online xbox, chances are you've seen his face.

Q "Please do matt Smith as Dr Who"

A You didn't even have to ask my friend, he is on my list! Eventually I'll get round to it.

Q "Any chance of a desktop sized version of Gaga Vs. Ibuki, say around 1680x1050?"

A Sorry, the original isn't that big! You could scale it up forself maybe, but it might look a little blocky. Try it though!

Q "Dude it would be awesome karma if you could post the PSD allowing other people to drop their drawings into the intro screen [along with a link to the font]."

A I'm afraid I won't be doing this for a couple of reasons - mainly because I've painted all around real screenshots. It wouldn't really be a case of deleting layers and dropping new stuff in because you'd still have to rub out all my crap anyway. So you might as well just do what I did and start on an actual screenshot. Secondly the filesize is pretty big.

Oh, and there's no link to the font because it doesn't exist as far as I can tell. I took the letters from other character screenshots, or took photos from my TV and then rearranged the images to what I wanted to spell. Then you have to paint over (again) all the messed up bits, balance out the colours so it matches the overall tone of the rest of the image, and re-do the glowy red around the edges + the shadow underneath.... Phew!

i think that's it for now, thanks again for looking! I'll be doing more stuff in the future!


  1. Thanks for the reply/explanation dude.

    I look forward to seeing more. I'm sure you'll get a bunch of dumb suggestions but here are some from me:
    - Bjork
    - Shaved head Britney
    - The Rza
    - Stephen Fry

  2. I'm sure which ever "new challengers" you draw next will look awesome. But I don't know how you'll top the Gaga one though - because it looked SO genuine. She actually looked liked she belonged in the game to the point I had to look twice and read the text about three times *lol*

    Given how she had the whole of a Best buy product placed in her "Telephone" video, it wouldn't surprise me if her people have got Capcom on the blower to appear in SUPER Street Fighter IV as DLC. Capcom aren't ones to turn down pinching pennies from gamers for DLC, so they'd probably consider it too.

  3. You did an amazing job and your image is going all over the web! The sad thing is, NO ONE is sourcing the image. It took me a LONG time to search on Google who made the original. Great stuff, man.

  4. Aww thanks Sophia! I'm glad you made the effort to find my blog, much respect to you!

  5. :3 While you're answering you do requests? Like, if I asked for a forum signature?

  6. @killab2oo5 Yes I do, pop me over an email and tell me what it is you're after :)

  7. Great work on the Street Fighter art. How do you do pictures of people ?

  8. O hey you did beautifully on the lady gaga one and im in love with her and you artist rendering of her i was wondering if i could make a request could you do madonna? she has many different styles to draw her one i was thinking of was the way she was dressed in the Jump video but hell you can make her look like what ever you want i know you will do an awsome job

  9. Would you have a version of this image WITHOUT the lettering, vs & etc, just Gaga & Ibuki - i've tried to mirror it but with words & all it doesn't turn too well.